Gazelle Award 2023

The Busines Gazelles 2023 Award

Achieving success is always a challenging journey, but that shouldn't be a deterrent to continuous growth. Our persistent efforts have led to us being honored with the Business Gazelle Award for the second consecutive time, placing us among the esteemed ranks of the most dynamic Polish companies!
This accomplishment is indicative of our superior growth compared to numerous other companies. Our endeavors are founded on appropriate and efficient business strategies, with a primary focus on collaborating with skilled professionals. None of this would have been achievable without your involvement and valuable contributions to our development, for which we extend our sincere gratitude!

Gazelle Award 2022

The Busines Gazelles 2022 Award

The road to success is never easy, but this is no reason to stop growing. Thanks to our diligence, we have won the Business Gazelle Award for the second time in a row and joined the prestigious group of the most dynamic Polish companies!!!!
This achievement shows that we are growing better than millions of other companies, our work is based on the right and effective business strategies, and above all we rely on working with professional people!!! This would not be possible without you and your contribution to our development, for which we thank you very much!

Gazelle Award 2021

The Busines Gazelles 2021 Award

This economic certificate – the First League of Pomeranian Companies – this distinction is awarded to companies that are characterized by dynamic development and stable financial situation. Business Gazelles is the most popular and oldest Polish report listing small and medium-sized developing companies. To receive the title, the company must increase turnover and make a profit for three years in a row.
This distinction was a very pleasant surprise. Business Gazelles Award is the best gift for the upcoming 6th anniversary of the company and also the culmination of our continuous effort to provide services at the highest level.