Who we are and what we do at Jet Star International

Jet Star International is a world wide supplier of highest quality spare parts and abrasive garnet for all types of Water Jet machines. We are a modern company open for changes and innovations. We realise our activities using systems of development which have an influence on perfecting the quality of our products and services. All that leads to gain a strong and suitable position in the market.

Continuously, we implement innovative technologies to enhance the commercial activities. Due to the excellent knowledge of the industry as well as management based on global trends we achieve high customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we always work in order to diversify our product portfolio. As a result we gain competitive advantage and occupy the leading position. We also constantly strengthen the Jet Star International brand's image.

Always in search for the best solutions

We're always working hard to get better. Jet Star International has successfully executed the assisted IMP³rove Assessment compliant with the European standardisation documents.

The IMP³rove Assessment helps companies to understand the key success factors of innovation management in 5 innovation management dimensions. Namely innovation strategy, innovation organisation and culture, innovation life-cycle management, innovation enabling factors and innovation results.

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Our mission

Being a credible, reliable and professional company providing to it's customers products and services of only the highest quality. Because our client's satisfaction is our ultimate objective, we highly value the feedback and constantly work on improving our offer.

Our aim

First of all, a strategic aim for our company is to get stronger and have a sustainable position in the European waterjet market. To accomplish that we therefore provide high quality products and services, effective marketing. Our knowledgable staff as well as proceeding in accordance with law and ethics consequently help us to reach that goal.

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Furthermore accepted ethical values of the business are fundamental principles of operation and procedure. They determine the relationship to customers, business partners and employees. It's an adequate way for setting the direction of business operation while implementing the vision and mission of the Jet Star International company.