Our waterjet products

As a distributor of waterjet supplies, we are aware of how important are the solutions you can trust. To save your precious time we'd like to help you to secure a continuous work of your waterjet machine.

Therefore, we offer high-performance waterjet cutting products. They ensure high cutting speed, low consumption of garnet abrasive and effective work. If you don't see what you are looking for, don't worry - just give us a call! We'll do our best to quote and deliver the product you need as soon as possible.

Mixing tubes, focusing nozzles and orifices

We are a direct supplier of spare parts and consumables for waterjet cutting machines. Especially for Flow® KMT® Water Jet Sweden® Jet Edge® BYSTRONIC® AccuStream® WSI® PTV® OMAX® etc.

Hardex focusing cutting nozzles supplier for waterjet

Jet Star International is the official European distributor of high quality HARDEX products. In short - the best priced high quality focusing tubes for your waterjet cutting machine.

Mixing tubes for most of  Waterjet  Cutting Systems - from 55.00 EUR/pc
Mixing tubes for Water Jet Sweden® – from 109.00 EUR/pc
Ruby/sapphire orifices – from 8.90 EUR/pc
Diamond orifices – from 349.00 EUR/pc

HP tubing, adapters, fittings and tools for all sizes ( ¼, 3/8, 9/16 )

Variety of available products - that's our advantage. For example, in our offer you will find all types and sizes of hp tubes. And fitting adapters, and tools for metal processing. To sum up, whatever even small part you need, we have it.

HP tubes – from 35.00 Euro/pc
Fittings/adapters – from 35.00 Euro/pc
Tools – from 79.00 Euro/pc

Complete intensifiers, cylinders, liners, check valves and all another spares for the high pressure pumps

Our company is an European comprehensively stocked supplier of waterjet products. And the main goal is to always give our customers everything they need.

Therefore we offer original machine parts, waterjet spare parts  for all popular cutting systems. Especially for Flow, KTM, Water Jet Sweden, OMAX, Jet Edge, BYSTRONIC, WSI, AccuStream, PTV, etc.

Cutting heads, collimation tubes and mixing chambers

Our ultimate goal is to provide customers simple solutions. Meanwhile keeping the highest performance cutting heads on the market.

• Less Maintenance
• Superior Accuracy
• Longer Orifice Life
• Faster cutting
• Extended Nozzle Life
• Reduced Abrasive Consumption
• Lower Operating Costs
• Increased Production

Oil and water filters

During the production, you can always be sure that every process, every machine works as effectively as possible. That's why we supply you with reliable tools. You can focus on your work - we'll do the rest!

For example, we regularly check on our customers. As their satisfaction is the most important thing in our work. We'll call or message you asking for feedback. If you need anything - we're always here to help.

High and low pressure seal kits

Water jet cutting part's quality can directly determine the life and efficiency of the water jet cutting machine. That's why every single one is important.

Consequently, we've carefully checked all our suppliers. In addition, every product we deliver is thoroughly checked before shipping.

Repair kits

You never know when an emergency can happen - lack of a spare tube, sudden need of a spare orifice or any other part. But it doesn't have to be a problem. If that's what happened don't panic, just call us! For instance, many of our products are always on stock.

As a result, we can send it even the same day. In other words - you can have that important part delivered even tomorrow!