Jet Star International is an official European distributor of abrasive PREMIUM GARNET

premium garnet distributor

Skillful selection of the grain size, the behavior of the appropriate proportions and mixing them thoroughly, affects the very high quality of the offered garnet. The mineral abrasive is very clean, contains no other additional compounds.

GARNET PREMIUM offers three types of abrasives: Premium, Premium Alluvial and Standard. All three are available in our European stock.

As a result of the precise selection of proper granulation grain garnet, which is possible thanks to modern technology, you receive a product of high quality and at a very favorable price. Furthermore, our experienced customer managers will help you choose the right type of abrasive that suits your needs.

Considering the huge quality requirements for consumables used in waterjet technology, using acquired experience and our expertise, we provide excellent product and long-term, proper and professional service.

Abrasive garnet PREMIUM

This though abrasive material in a reddish tone is produced as a result of crushing rocks. Due to it’s sharpness Premium guaranties the best cutting quality with thick materials therefore it’s the most universal garnet among our abrasives. The mineral is chosen and processed into a product of the highest standard. It works best as a waterjet abrasive medium.

It’s hardness is tied to garnet’s mineral structure and hence it gives a high durability. That’s why Premium
ensures a stable work of the WaterJet machine for the whole time of it’s use. Sharp edges of the grains provide high quality and smooth aftercut surface. This abrasive sand also guaranties the best cutting quality with thick materials.


Abrasive garnet PREMIUM ALLUVIAL

This sand with rounded edges in a pink hue is best known above all for it’s hardness and durability. Thanks to it’s alluvial origin it’s grains with rounded edges give the highest quality aftercut edges.

Most noteworthy is that our pink garnet gives the highest quality aftercut edges that don’t require any additional processing. It creates less dust when compared to other expendable abrasives. Alluvial is therefore a very effective abrasive for both WaterJet cutting and sandblasting.


Abrasive garnet STANDARD

Standard is a sharp and though abrasive material in greenish brown color. It is produced as a result of crushing rocks. The mineral is chosen and processed into a product of high cleanness. Thanks to multiple sievings every delivery fulfills the same high standards. It’s pretty low production costs offer very good quality cut  in an extraordinery good price.

Standard is above all the best for cutting materials thinner than 30 mm, p.ex. steel, aluminium, ceramic, glass and also wood. Use of any thicker materials can consequently cause a drop on speed and increased material consumption.


Immediate implementation of the contract

We are able to fulfill your order in a very short amount of time. For this purpose, we have established cooperation with specialized courier companies that provide safe and prompt delivery of our products - at an attractive price, throughout the country.